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Virgen del Valle - Isla de Margarita

La Virgen del Valle"The sick one, turning his eyes to the Holy Virgin del Valle, swore, that if she spared him surgery and restored his health, he would donate to her the very first pearl the would extract after his healing. Healed a short time after his pleas, he dives into the sea and extracts a shell , opens it and between the shiny gloss of the inside of the shell walls, a pearl in a rare shape appears, formed like a little, irregular leg with a mark at the side, precisely at the place where the surgery would have been."

History of Virgen del Valle, by Brother Nectario Maria, page 185 to 186.

La Virgen del ValleSo it was written down for history, not as a legend but as one of the many tales collected since 1530, when, supposedly, the Virgin del Valle arrived at Cubagua Island under the name of Purisima or Imaculada , coming from Spain. The book of Brother Necatario tells that in those years, Cubagua was in plain development due to the pearl extraction and the statue of the Mother of God was ordered for one of the two churches built on Cubagua. When Cubagua was destroyed by the cyclone, the statue was transferred to el Valle the Espiritu Santo, and people started calling it Virgen del Valle.

The devotion for the little virgin increased thanks to the miracles La Virgen del Valleperformed by her. Brother Nectario Maria tells in his book, that in 1608 a long dry period affected Margarita Island. The people decided to take the Virgin for a Procession from the Church in El Valle to La Asunción. Brother Nectario writes, that at leaving the church, the sky was clear, but when they reached the city gates of La Asunción, it started to rain intensely until the next evening.

This are two of the many stories that are told about the miracles of the virgin, patron of the western part of Venezuela. Her statue is displayed in the church in El Valle del Espiritu Santo.


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