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Parque El Agua

If your destination is Margarita Island, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy its unique Water Park with 45.000 m2 of areas and attractions for adults and children, security and facilities for the entire family. You will spend a fantastic day. Designed to be enjoyed by families, you will find extreme attractions for the brave and relaxing ones for those looking for the tranquillity of a special day.

¡ Dive into the fun!

The names of our attractions are in Pemon Language and the translation of it is displayed at each attraction.

Churun Meru

With 18 m the highest water slide in Venezuela, will give you a jolt of adrenaline. In Pemon language, it is known as Angel Falls. If you are one of the bravest, you will experience a free fall into a canal, slowed down by water. Max speed 140 km/h

Tupaika Meru

Enclosed slide, to be used with a float, 15 m high. You can use floats for 1 or 2 person. It is fun. In Pemon language: Caroni Falls, at Kiaboru river, with a pond and a nice beach. Max. speed 70 km/h

Kukenan Meru

Open Slide, to be used with a float, 15 m high. You can use floats for 1 or 2 persons. A lot of fun. In Pemon Language it is the river that initiates in Kukena, next to Roraima. On of the main affluences of Caroni River. Max. Speed 70 km/h

Chinik Meru

Open slide, to be used with rubber mattresses, 12 m high. Be prepared for the quick falls and turns. In Pemon Language. White decoration of birds, Max. Speed. 70/h

Pachichi Meru

Enclosed slide, 12 m high, to be used with rubber mattresses. Be prepared for the quick falls and turns. In Pemon Language: Falls at Caroní, a bit down river of Urinán. Max. Speed 70 km/h

Tuna Yepi 

Giant Jacuzzi for 50 persons. Relax. Ideal for those looking to relax with the massage of the jets and bubbling water. In Pemon Language: On the shore of the river. Fit for the entire family.

Tunaima: Slow river, more than 500 m long. Imagine a river that takes you pleasantly for a ride through the park, passing waterfalls. The most relaxing experience. In Pemon Language: The big water. Fit for the entire family.

Mure Tapui: Children's area, resembling a tree house, with interactive attractions for children: giant water pistols, slides and much more. In Pemon Language: House of Children. Only for children.

Parque El Agua
Parque El Agua
Parque El Agua
Parque El Agua
Parque El Agua
Parque El Agua
Parque El Agua


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